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At the core of all we do is a strong commitment to extraordinary care. For us, protecting what matters most is not just a transaction, but a relationship built on trust, respect and empathy. Customers want us to keep our promises and make things effortless for them. That is why we’re always working to improve the end-to-end experience. We are empowering associates, simplifying processes, and leveraging the latest technology to automate the ordinary so associates can deliver the extraordinary.

“The response from the claims folks was just very touching and very sympathetic. It was a matter of days till I had that claim settled, which was really unbelievable.”

— Bill Shelow, President and CEO of LIBRA Insurance Partners and a Nationwide customer

Nationwide is using technology to make customer interactions effortless, personal and reassuring.

More people are shopping for life insurance online, and to cater to their needs, we introduced Nationwide Life Essentials℠. This innovative transactional term life insurance allows customers to buy coverage in as little as 15 minutes and eliminates the need for a medical exam. With fully digitalized, automated underwriting, Life Essentials provides instant quotes and detailed decisions within minutes.

Financial professionals value personalized communications. Nationwide wholesalers can now send video messages to financial professionals as an alternative to email, creating a more personal experience.

Pet owners are eager to discover ways to enhance their pets’ well-being and longevity. To help, Nationwide launched Pet HealthZone®, a free digital platform that leverages over 40 years of pet health data to drive the highest-quality pet health conversations between pet families and veterinary health care teams.


To help farm, ranch and agribusiness members future-proof their operations, Nationwide organized and hosted AgXpo. Participants gained insights from agribusiness technology partners and experts who discussed practical innovations to ensure a safe and successful operation, providing attendees with strategies to predict and prevent losses proactively.

Purr-fectly tailored protection

For every pet owner, their furry friend is more than just a pet; they have their own distinct personality and adorable quirks.

Health protection should be equally tailored to match the uniqueness of each pet. Nationwide, with over 40 years of pioneering pet insurance in the U.S., introduced in 2023 its most innovative pet protection offering. This new product empowers pet parents to customize many aspects of coverage — from accident and illness coverage to medical reimbursement levels, deductibles, and even wellness coverage.

It’s a personalized approach that lets pet owners provide the best care for their unique companions, all while staying within their budget. Because when it comes to pets, one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

Tackling travel challenges

In a world where Americans cherish the joy of travel, the journey has become increasingly uncertain post-COVID, coupled with the challenges of surging costs affecting everything from travel to health care. Recognizing the need for security in unpredictable times, Nationwide helps provide travelers peace of mind while away from home.

We consistently update our travel insurance products, offering flexible travel insurance plans, including cruise, single-trip and multi-trip plans for frequent travelers. In 2023, Nationwide travel insurance was named Best for Upgrades by Forbes Advisor and Best in Cruise Travel by

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At Nationwide, our belief that our differences make us better isn’t simply something we say; it’s something we live every day.