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Nationwide forms public-private partnership on food security and climate risk

Changes in weather patterns and advancements in technology present new challenges and opportunities for the modern farm.

In an effort to help the agriculture industry address these changes, Nationwide has pledged up to $2 million in funding to form the AgTech Innovation Hub in collaboration with The Ohio State University and Ohio Farm Bureau.

The AgTech Innovation Hub will promote applied research, technology transfer, the exchange of knowledge and experience, and transdisciplinary innovation in support of agricultural technology. Programs may include early-stage entrepreneurs, mature companies or producers developing new or value-added products or manufacturing processes.

At Nationwide, which was founded to help farmers, agriculture is part of our heritage. We're committed to helping agribusinesses thrive now and into the future as the hub expands.

Assistive robot pilot aims to empower
independent living

A 2021 Nationwide Long-Term Care Consumer Survey found that 88% of those surveyed agreed that it’s more important than ever to stay at home for long-term care. To assist individuals aging in place and those with short- and long-term health challenges, Nationwide worked with Labrador Systems on an assistive robot pilot program to empower individuals to live more independently as well as provide support to their caregivers.

Labrador Retriever is designed to help people maintain their independence in the home by serving as an extra pair of hands to help move large loads as well as keep smaller items within reach. Featuring advanced 3D vision, obstacle sensors and navigation capabilities, the Retriever is designed

to support a variety of users’ needs. The robot can operate either on demand or on a preset schedule in which it automatically delivers items at a specific time and location.

The Labrador multistate pilot program studied the use of the Retriever in a variety of situations, including senior living communities, post-acute rehab programs and individual homes.

Remote home protection

A tiny smart sensor is helping members prevent electrical fires in their homes. Nationwide is partnering with Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) to distribute an electrical home monitoring system from Ting. The sensors monitor a home’s electrical network to detect issues that could lead to an electrical fire. Policyholders in South Carolina, Indiana and Missouri can receive the device at no additional charge, and the program is set to expand to additional states in the coming months.

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“Nationwide holds a very special place in my heart. I have the skills and talents I have, but Nationwide gave me the outlet to be successful at it. I’m eternally grateful. This partnership has been wonderful for me. Nationwide has changed my whole life and financial security.”

— Adam Meadowcroft, Principal owner of Meadowcroft Agency and
Nationwide’s top 2022 Personal Lines Elite All-Stars winner