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Striding toward retirement

In response to the escalating demand for protected retirement income in an environment with fewer traditional pensions and increasing life expectancy, the SECURE Act of 2019 paved the way for vital changes in retirement savings strategies.

Nationwide’s retirement solutions business expanded its commitment to being a protected retirement industry leader. It established a dedicated organization to further create a market for and drive adoption of its in-plan guarantee products.

Safeguarding customer accounts

In the ever-evolving landscape of cyberfraud, customers are faced with the relentless growth of cyberthreats. To help customers protect their accounts, Nationwide Financial deployed advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that combines top-quality audio, voice and AI technologies with a comprehensive risk database.

The AI authenticates customers faster than humans can, and it creates a more personalized experience.

As of November 2023, our proactive measures successfully thwarted over $9 million in fraudulent distribution attempts.

Help is on the way

In the world of roadside assistance, members faced challenges with real-time tracking and effective communication. Customers sought a seamless solution for updates on their service provider. In March 2023, Nationwide redesigned and launched a new roadside assistance experience in the Nationwide Mobile app. New features offer a solution for members with the coverage to quickly request and track their service providers in real time when they need help on the side of the road. The new experience eliminates the need to call for updates. Members can simply use the app to access the information they need.

Our newly updated mobile roadside assistance experience is a lifeline for members with the coverage, offering help with tire changes, fuel refills, or a tow to the nearest service provider. What sets Nationwide apart is the live tow truck tracking feature, making us one of the first major insurance carriers to provide this service. Our enhanced roadside assistance experience also offers a simplified design, easy-to-read graphics and the ability to locate nearby service providers with Google Maps, complete with ratings, reviews and operating hours.

Members now enjoy the benefits of real-time tracking and improved communication through a hassle-free experience that keeps them in the driver’s seat of their roadside assistance needs. Our innovative work isn’t going unnoticed. One customer said,

“ I liked how I could request a tow through the mobile app. It set me up with the tow truck driver, and I was able to track the tow. The driver was very professional and nice. This was great service, and I will definitely recommend it.”

Stronger together

For a homeowner, few things are worse than the headaches, bills and disruption caused by property damage that could have been prevented or minimized.

With events such as burst pipes and water damage becoming more frequent and costly to U.S. consumers, Nationwide is working to help give homeowners peace of mind. In October, Nationwide and Resideo Technologies — the global provider of Honeywell Home smart thermostats and First Alert® solutions to over 150 million homes — announced a partnership that blends Resideo's home comfort and safety solutions with Nationwide's breadth of expertise and covered protections.

Through this packaged combination of solutions, insights and customer experiences, Nationwide and Resideo believe they can save consumers time and money with tech-enabled prevention notifications. Homeowners who take advantage of the preferred device packages, to be announced in early 2024, may also be eligible for a discount on their homeowners insurance through Nationwide, helping to offset the cost of device purchase and installation.

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