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Fueling growth through partnership

Nationwide is leaning into new ways to enhance customer experiences and expand our reach into new markets through strategic partnerships.

Providing partners with the ability to easily access Nationwide’s breadth of products for their customers, the Partnership Platform has grown to more than 70 partnerships enterprisewide. Launched in 2020 as a first of its kind in the industry, we renewed our focus on and marketing of the platform in 2022.

Additional partnership highlights from 2022:

Mitigating risk with AI

A partnership that started 5 years ago with a venture capital investment and a successful commercial integration was further extended in 2022.

Trucking fleet safety in real time

Using high-tech, cost-effective technology, our partners are helping to eliminate risky driving behaviors, remove distractions and optimize fleet safety.

Creating truly connected experiences

Embedded experiences save time and make things simpler. With each additional relationship, our Partnership Platform continues to evolve and provide seamless experiences for partners and developers.

Our publicly available digital products, powered by APIs, assist with meeting members where they exist inside of partner ecosystems. These integrations allow us to make every experience matter and create new interaction models with technology that embeds in and merges with partners’ existing applications, creating a seamlessly native solution.

Customized to each partner’s preferences, embedded experiences go deeper, create improvements in digital conversion rates and are gaining traction. By embedding the auto insurance quote-and-bind process into the car-buying experience with partners such as Ford and Rivian, Nationwide has been experiencing 134% annual growth in strategic partnership new writings.

Honored for our innovative efforts

Finding and developing solutions that make our members’ lives easier is the focus of Nationwide Ventures®.

In 2022, the Nationwide Ventures team was honored to be recognized for our efforts by being included in the Global Corporate Venturing Powerlist for the second straight year. This worldwide industry recognition is bestowed upon the Top 150 corporate ventures leaders who are spearheading the future of the industry.

Nationwide was also named as a 2022 Global Innovator by Efma and Accenture. Nationwide’s myriad of innovations over the past year helped the company stand out among the hundreds of submitted entries, resulting in the company taking the Bronze Award in the Global Innovator category.

Tech startups interested in partnering with Nationwide can visit our Ventures page for more information.

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“In years like 2022, Nationwide stands out. Our strategic advantages allowed us to accelerate through economic pressures, act decisively and emerge as a stronger, more competitive company.”

— Tim Frommeyer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Nationwide