2023 Annual Report

Steadfast in our direction

We are charting the course toward a more resilient future. For nearly a century, every step we’ve taken has been driven by an unwavering belief in the power of extraordinary care. Today, Nationwide stands as a pillar of strength and stability, with a commitment to an even brighter tomorrow guiding our path.

Achieving more
by working together

Standout stories from a stellar year

Creating a better
future today

Our commitment to creating a better future is shown through our community giving; our dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion; our actions to protect the environment; and our economic empowerment of others.

A culture where your
true colors shine

Diversity, equity and inclusion

At Nationwide, our belief that our differences make us better isn’t simply something we say; it’s something we live every day.

“Our partners have confidence in our diverse, innovative products and services and in the strength and stability of Nationwide.”

— Tim Frommeyer, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Nationwide