Why dance school liability insurance?

Many children and teenagers dream of being stars of the stage someday, performing in front of thousands of cheering fans. Dance students’ potential is seen in every pirouette and plié, every tap, shuffle and jitterbug. As their coach or instructor, you’re the one guiding them on those first exciting steps to achieving success.

You work hard to help your students perfect their every move on the floor, so they’re prepared for the next show, but is your business equally prepared? A mishap or accident could possibly derail everybody’s grand plans. That’s why your dance studio insurance provides liability protection for businesses just like yours.

How does dance studio insurance protect your business?

We’ll protect you,your program, employees and volunteers from bodily injury and property damage claims that result from accidents that happen during your dance instruction. We cover several other aspects of liability, including your premises, products and advertising. We offer zero-deductibles on liability claims.

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Product benefits and features vary by program. All programs have specific eligible operations, ineligible operations and notable exclusions.