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From cybersecurity advice to social media guides, our Business Solutions Center can provide helpful business tips and information to save you money and keep you safe.

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Business valuation calculator

Estimate how much your business might be worth.

Self-employment tax calculator

Estimate how much you may pay in self-employment tax with this calculator.

Cybersecurity resources

Why ransomware attacks are on the rise

Ransomware attacks have increased dramatically over the past year. Discover why these attacks are growing and what you can do to prevent an attack.

What are phishing, vishing and smishing scams?

Discover tips on how to spot email, voicemail and text message scams.

Tips for creating strong passwords and staying secure

Discover how to create a strong password to keep your online accounts secure.

Cybersecurity tips and resources for small businesses

Discover helpful tips and resources to help protect your small business from cybercrime.

What is wire fraud?

Understand how different types of wire fraud can affect your business and see how you can help protect your small business from these cyber threats.

How to conduct an internal audit

Learn about the benefits of conducting an internal security audit to maximize efficiency for your small business.

What is a phishing email?

Find out how to identify and report email phishing attacks.

Mobile security for business

Learn about mobile security and how to secure data for your small business.

Network security for Your small business

Find out some of the types of network security that could protect your business.

Protect your small business from a cyberattack

Tools and tips to help you protect your small business from cyberattacks and other cyber risks.

How to train your employees on cybersecurity

See why training your employees on cybersecurity best practices is essential for keeping your business safe from cyberattacks and other digital emergencies.

Cybersecurity statistics and facts

Prepare your business for any future cyberattacks or data breaches with these cybersecurity tips.

Top trends in cybersecurity

Stay on top what’s new in the digital landscape by reading about these cybersecurity trends.

Why cybercriminals target small businesses

Understand what steps you can take to protect your small business from cyberattacks.

Creating a data backup and recovery strategy

See what steps you can take towards creating a data recovery plan.

Digital marketing resources

5 ways to future-proof your brand & marketing strategy

Stay ahead of the curve with these helpful tips for future-proofing your brand.

Business holidays for your small business marketing content calendar

Discover business holidays to help you plan social media marketing campaigns and seasonal events.

What is content strategy?

Use this step-by-step guide to set you apart from competitors.

How to create a social media strategy

Keep in mind these tips when creating your social media strategy.

5 tips for building strong social media communities during difficult times

Tips on making your social media audience feel more connected to your brand on a personal level.

Creating a social media brand personality

These tips can help you get started on creating a social media personality for your brand and further connecting with your audiences.

Local SEO tips and techniques

These local SEO tips and techniques can help your customers find you and allow your business to grow.

How to use social media for business

See how you can use social media to help your business and maximize your digital presence.

Helping small business owners create successful social media plans

Nationwide offers small business owners simple guidelines to help create a successful social media plan for their business in the event of disruption or disasters.

Finance resources

Sales margin - What it is and how to calculate it

Discover what sales margin is and how to calculate it.

How much do small businesses pay in taxes?

Find out how much tax small businesses typically pay.

How to use crowdfunding for business

Learn how you can use crowdfunding for your small business to get financial backing.

How to file business taxes

Learn how you can approach taxes for your business.

How to get a small business grant

Learn about the types of small business grants and how to apply.

Business loan vs. line of credit

Learn about the differences between a loan and a line of credit, how they can benefit your business, and determine which is right for you.

How to raise capital

Learn about the steps you need to take to find sources, develop a plan, and grow your company.

Growing your business resources

How to conduct a SWOT analysis for your small business

Here's how to build a winning-strategy for your business utilizing the SWOT analysis method.

How to make the most of Small Business Saturday

Prepare your small business by taking advantage of these helpful ideas to create a great experience for your customers.

What is strategic planning?

Learn how the strategic planning process can help you identify business goals and develop a plan to grow your businesses.

Updating your insurance as your business grows

Follow these tips and insights to ensure your business is properly covered.

How to advertise a small business

Learn how you can advertise and grow your small business with these tips.

How to market a small business

Find out how to build your marketing strategy today.

What is a sales funnel?

Learn about the sales funnel stages and what they mean to your small business.

How to create a marketing plan

Follow these steps when creating a marketing plan for your business.

How to determine the value of your business

See what methods you can use to determine and grow the value of your business.

Stages of Business Planning

Learn about the stages of an entrepreneur’s mindset and how to build an actionable business plan.

Improving loss control

Evaluate your company’s loss control with these risk management tips.

How to become a certified diverse business

Learn how you can become a certified diverse business and open your company up to numerous benefits.

How to drive word-of-mouth marketing

Find out how you can grow your business by word-of-mouth marketing.

Nationwide celebrates 2019 and 2020 Pitch to Win award winners

See the list of 2019 and 2020 Nationwide Pitch to Win small-business contest winners, runners-up and finalists.

Managing employees

What is an employee handbook?

Learn what qualities make a successful employee. It is important to hire employees that have the required skills for the job and these top characteristics.

Top qualities of a good employee

Learn what qualities make a successful employee. It is important to hire employees that have the required skills for the job and these top characteristics.

How to engage employees in digital trainings

See how you can keep yourself and your employees engaged during online trainings.

How to show employee appreciation

See how your business can demonstrate employee appreciation.

How to motivate employees

Learn how to motivate employees and which strategy is right for your small business.

How to hire employees

Learn how to hire employees, from what paperwork you’ll need to the crucial steps in the recruiting process.

How to fire an employee gracefully

Understand what to do and what not to do when you must fire an employee from your business.

Employee retention strategies

Learn about employee retention strategies and how to reduce employee turnover.

How to be a good internship mentor

Find some tips to help you run a productive and successful internship program.

Management resources

Finding your next commercial office space rental

Learn what steps you should take to find the perfect place.

Small business sustainability tips

Discover helpful tips for improving the sustainability of your business.

What is cultural intelligence?

Learn what cultural intelligence means and why it is important to your business.

Fleet safety training

Fleet safety training from Nationwide can help reduce injuries, control costs and enhance your profits.

Copyright, trademark, or patent – what’s the difference?

Understand the differences and find out which one your business may need.

How to survive a crisis as an entrepreneur

Advice on what you can do now to help your business and others during challenging times.

How to do payroll for small business

Learn about the benefits of an efficient Payroll system for your small business.

How to choose a pricing strategy for your business

Learn about common pricing strategies and how they work.

What is commercial business insurance?

Get a definition and FAQs for commercial business insurance.

Insurance valuation

Make sure your insurance needs are keeping up with your business growth.

Getting the right commercial vehicle insurance quote

Learn what information you’ll need to get a commercial vehicle insurance quote.

Starting a small business fleet

Here are some important considerations when starting your own fleet of vehicles for your business.


5 things businesses should know as the economy reopens

Find out the major changes that reshaped consumer and commercial behavior.

Creating a resilient business

See what qualities are a must in order for a business to be resilient.

Managing your business through economic uncertainty

Tools to help you manage economic uncertainty during challenging times.

How to manage cash flow for your business during economic uncertainty

Guidelines on how to maintain cash flow during challenging times such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cyberattacks are on the rise

Protect yourself and your business during the pandemic.

Relief for small businesses impacted by COVID-19

Resources targeted to give small businesses some financial relief.

How small businesses make safe deliveries

Nationwide offers small-business owners simple guidelines for keeping their businesses and employees safe while making deliveries to their customers.

Making safe restaurant deliveries

Nationwide has important guidelines for keeping restaurant delivery workers safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stay connected to your customers

There are still many ways you can stay connected to your customers through COVID-19.

How to reopen idle facilities

Nationwide offers guidance for how small-business owners can manage reopening a facility idled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pivoting a small business in changing times

Nationwide offers small-business owners simple guidelines to help determine whether they should consider pivoting their business when consumer behaviors change as a result of a disruption, such as COVID-19.

Building customer loyalty virtually in challenging times

Nationwide offers small-business owners simple guidelines on how to build customer loyalty virtually during challenging times such as the pandemic.

Helping small business owners create a continuity plan

Nationwide offers small-business owners simple guidelines to help create a continuity plan for their business in the event of disruption or disasters.

How to adapt your online strategy in uncertain times

Tools to help you virtually build customer loyalty in challenging times with your website and e-commerce.

Risk management resources

What is calculated risk in business?

Learn more about how you can leverage calculated risk in your business decisions.

Navigating key person risks

Identify key employees and prepare your business if they need to leave temporarily or permanently.

Risk management considerations for new businesses

See what risk management considerations you will need to make for your new business.

Risk management for small business

Find out how to assess the risks your small business may face and put a risk management plan in place.

Avoiding employee fraud

Find out the steps you can take to avoid employee fraud before it occurs.

Starting your business

The 4 best books to read for starting a small business

If you’re starting a small business, check out these four book recommendations from a successful small business owner for tips to be successful.

How to turn your hobby into a business

Thinking of turning your hobby into a small business? These tips can help you get started.

How to write a business plan

Find out which type of business plan to use and what to include.

Business structure: How to get started

Explore what type of business structure may be right for your business.

Legal issues faced by entrepreneurs

Learn about common legal issues faced by entrepreneurs when starting a small business as well as the difference between ethics and legalities.

Why do small businesses fail?

Understand the most common reasons behind why some small businesses fail and how you can avoid these mistakes as a business owner.

What are the best businesses to start?

Discover what type of business you can start and why you should pursue it.

How to start a small business from home

Follow these steps on how to start a small business from your home.

11 Ways to get startup business funding

Learn the different types of funds available and how to qualify for a loan.

What is a small business?

Find out how you can determine if your business is considered a small business.