Ways to save on your homeowners insurance

Dependable homeowners insurance shouldn’t have to strain your family’s budget. Nationwide helps you get affordable insurance by offering a range of home insurance discounts. Find out which homeowners insurance discounts you qualify for and start your quote today.


Combine and save. Get a discount on home and renters insurance when you bundle your property and auto insurance with Nationwide.

Protective device

Get a discount if your home has smoke detectors, fire alarms, burglar alarms or other qualifying devices.


You may qualify for a lower premium on your home insurance when you stay claims-free.

Home renovation credit

Get a discount for renovating your home’s plumbing, heating, cooling or electrical systems.

Roof rating

Save based on your roof's age and surface type.

Home purchase

Receive a discount if you purchased a home within the last 12 months.

Prior insurance

This discount is available to new members and is based on the number of years you were continuously insured by your previous carrier.

Gated community

A discount is available when all vehicle entrances to your community are protected at all times by security guards, residence cards or key-lock devices.

Smart home

Learn more about Nationwide’s current smart home program and talk to your agent to see if smart home technology can help you avoid costly damages and could save you money on premiums. (Not available in all states)

Florida Residential Property Windstorm Discounts. As required under s. 627.0629, Florida statutes, if you wish to learn more about the available windstorm discounts, please click the following link for additional information.

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