In partnership with K&K Insurance, we offer liability protection for short-term special events.

Why do you need special event liability insurance?

Our busy lifestyles are filled with social gatherings. Community festivals and car shows. Conventions and weddings.

If you organize family, business or community events, you know how much planning and effort is involved.

Even with the most careful planning, unexpected situations can arise that you might not be prepared for. Special event insurance can help.

Our specialty liability event insurance features zero deductibles and helps protect against bodily injury and property damage claims. To qualify, your event must meet these eligibility standards:

  • Total event attendance must be fewer than 12,000
  • Event days must be consecutive
  • Event cannot go on for more than 10 consecutive days, excluding set-up and tear-down
  • Event must be held at a single location you don’t own
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Products are underwritten by Nationwide and its subsidiaries in partnership with K&K Insurance, a leading provider of sports, leisure and entertainment insurance services.

Product benefits and features vary by program. All programs have specific eligible operations, ineligible operations and notable exclusions.