In partnership with K&K Insurance, we offer liability protection for concessionaires, exhibitors and vendors.

Why do you need vendor liability insurance?

A farmers’ market. An arts festival. A community gathering to sell handmade crafts and recipes. Community parks and city streets are often host to festivals, markets and shows that feature delectable foods, fun-filled games and amazing works of art.

Your booth is set up, and you're ready to pitch your goods and services, but do you have the vendor insurance coverage you need? We can help.

As a concessionaire, exhibitor or vendor, specialty vendor insurance can help protect you against lawsuits. Your business will be protected against bodily injury and property damage claims that may arise from operations, premises, products, completed operations, advertising or personal injuries.

Products and completed operations coverage includes all bodily injury and property damage to a third party that occurs after your product or work leaves your possession.

Other benefits include:

  • Short-term policies for use away from any owned or long-term leased premises
  • A choice for the level and length of coverage
  • No deductible for liability claims
  • A separate policy to cover loss to property, stock or inventory
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Products are underwritten by Nationwide and its subsidiaries in partnership with K&K Insurance, a leading provider of sports, leisure and entertainment insurance services.

Product benefits and features vary by program. All programs have specific eligible operations, ineligible operations and notable exclusions.