Sales Careers
at Nationwide

Interested in a Financial or Insurance Sales Career at Nationwide?

As a sales associate, your goal is to help people. You connect our customers with the product or solution that best fits their needs, and protects what matters most to them.

At Nationwide, the sales team supports our various sales channels, locations and products by finding business opportunities in diverse markets. Our team includes independent agency support, field sales and web- and phone-lead sales.

We’re looking for candidates with exceptional sales and support skills who will bring new ideas to the table.

Explore sales careers at Nationwide

Our sales associates work hard to support Nationwide's various sales channels, locations and products.

Sales support

Our dedicated sales support team helps our agents with business consultation, training and performance-improvement services.

Sales operations

The sales operations group supplies our agents with the tools and technology they need to succeed. Positions in sales operations include:

Develop your sales career at Nationwide

The Nationwide Sales Training Organization is committed to the success of our sales associates. Our mission is to provide superior training, tools and resources that sales leaders, agents and staff need to improve productivity, strengthen customer relationships and grow and maintain profitable Nationwide agencies.

Our training program covers all aspects of an agency, including seminars at our national offices, regional training facilities, webinars, simulations, videos and workshops.

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