Nationwide Foundation
Transforming Lives At Critical Moments®

Funding the Most Critical Needs in Our Communities

The Nationwide Foundation’s mission is, “to improve the quality of life in communities in which a large number of Nationwide members, associates, agents and their families live and work.”

Through Nationwide’s Community Impact Model, the foundation assesses the needs in our community and awards grants that support organizations that provide emergency and basic needs, crisis stabilization, personal and family empowerment and community enrichment.

A history of giving

Since 2000, the Nationwide Foundation has committed more than $355 million to qualified nonprofit organizations across the country that work to meet crucial needs in communities with a significant presence of Nationwide associates.

In 2006, the foundation pledged the largest gift in its history, granting $50 million to Nationwide Children's Hospital and over the last three years, gifted the hospital with an additional $30 million in grants to establish and support the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund.

The Nationwide Foundation is dedicated to making strategic philanthropic investments to meet the most critical needs in communities. The foundation also helps associates, agents and retirees maximize the impact of their personal gifts by matching contributions to United Way and to accredited higher education institutions dollar for dollar.

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