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Keep Your Employees Smiling With a Dental Plan

Good oral hygiene means more than just a bright and attractive smile. Common oral problems have been linked to conditions as serious as heart disease and diabetes. The simple habits of regular brushing, flossing, a healthy diet and regular dental checkups could help prevent significant health concerns – and higher medical bills.

Nationwide Employee Benefits® offers competitive and flexible dental plans for employers who offer dental coverage to their employees. Available dental insurance benefit plans include those that are 100% employer-paid, 100% employee-paid or a shared cost between the employer and the employee.

Careington Maximum Care Dental PPO Network

The Careington Maximum Care Dental PPO Network offers employees convenience and flexibility, as well as these great dental benefits:

Employee dental plan members who choose to visit out-of-network providers may receive reduced plan benefit levels and may also be responsible for the difference between the billed charge and the amount paid by Nationwide.

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