Extreme heat safety tips
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Stay cool with summer heat safety tips

extreme heat safety

Summer is the season we all look forward to – cookouts, swimming pools, playing sports or just hanging out on the back deck. But summer sun can also get a little sweltering sometimes. Extreme heat − or 5 straight days of temperatures 9 degrees above normal − can pose a danger and cause serious health issues. So here are some summer heat safety tips to help protect yourself and your family as you enjoy the sunshine.

Keeping your place cool

To maintain a comfortable environment indoors when the outside temps rise: 

Keeping your family cool

When the thermometer begins to skyrocket beyond what’s comfortable:

Overheated? First aid tips

If anyone around you shows signs of these heat-related medical issues:

Heat cramps occur with muscle pain and spasms, usually in the abdominal muscles or legs due to overuse. 

Heat exhaustion is caused by overexertion in a hot place. Blood flow to vital organs is restricted, causing the victim to go into mild shock. If not treated, the victim may have heat stroke. 

Heat stroke is a serious, life-threatening condition caused when the sweating function, which cools the body, starts breaking down. As a result, the body temperature can rise high enough to cause brain damage or death. 

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