Go Paperless

Go Paperless

Open your mail from your inbox instead of your mailbox. Each year, millions pounds of paper, trees and gallons of gasoline are used to deliver bills in the U.S. By going paperless, you reduce waste, save money on stamps and streamline your record keeping.

We'll send you an email when your bills, documents and other important insurance notices are available online. We’ll do the same for financial statements for your annuity, life insurance or retirement plan accounts. So go paperless today!

Sign up for paperless in 2 minutes!

It's quick, easy and secure. If you have access to your account on our website, simply:

  1. Log in to your account at nationwide.com
  2. Go to the My Profile tab, select Preferences
  3. Edit your document preferences to go paperless!

Note: You must accept the Electronic Document Delivery Agreement to receive your information electronically.

Don't have an online account with Nationwide?

It's easy to set up. Here are two ways you can do it:

Create an online account yourself. Have your account number with you and just follow the prompts.

Call us, and we'll help you set up an account.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I remember to pay my bill if I go paperless?

Can I edit my paperless preferences and go back to paper?

Are all of my contracts eligible for paperless?

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