Home Fire Safety Tips
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Stay Protected with These Fire Safety Tips

home fire safety tips

Your home is the center of your life – filled with loved ones and family belongings. Protect your home with these important home fire safety tips:

Never smoke in bed

Forty percent of all smoking-related fires start in the bedroom. Many beds and blankets are made of combustible materials, making it very dangerous to fall asleep with a lit cigarette. The risk increases with the use of alcohol, drugs and medications. A responsible smoker should always extinguish cigarettes in a fireproof ashtray located away from all combustible materials.

Keep an eye on your cooking

Unattended cooking equipment is a leading cause of home fires. Using grills on wooden or combustible decks is also a contributor.

When cooking, you should always:

Never leave burning candles unattended

Candles cause an estimated 15,600 fires in residential structures, 150 deaths, 1,270 injuries and $539 million in estimated direct property damage each year1. In many cases, candles were being used as a light source because power had been shut off or was temporarily out of service. Keep a flashlight and batteries on hand for emergencies to prevent the need to use candles for emergency lighting.

If you do burn candles, always:

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