Website Privacy and Security

Nationwide takes your privacy and online security very seriously. We have detailed policies in place that define who we share and do not share your information with. We also use physical and technological methods to protect your information online.

Find out what you can do to help keep your identity yours.

Privacy Statement for Your Specific Product

You may be wondering, “Why do some of Nationwide's privacy notices look different?”  Nationwide is in the process of adopting a simplified format so each privacy notice looks similar. In some cases, Nationwide companies are moving from a no share privacy statement to a share privacy statement.  Additionally, Members may see different formats and logos during this time of transition, as some products will have their privacy notices updated before others.   The Nationwide family of companies may share member information with each other or nonaffiliated third parties for marketing purposes, unless prohibited by law. Please contact Nationwide at 1-866-280-1809 at anytime to opt-out of such sharing practices.

Note: Nationwide Insurance takes your online security seriously. Review your options, but rest assured that getting auto insurance quotes online from Nationwide always begins with a safe and secure browsing experience.

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