Thunderstorm safety
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How to stay safe in a thunderstorm

Thunderstorm safety tips

Thunder roars loudly and can be very frightening – but by itself can’t really hurt anyone. Its two most fearsome companions however, can be very dangerous indeed:

So to protect yourself, your family and home from these real dangers takes a little bit of knowledge and preparation. Here are some hail and lighting safety tips: 

Protecting yourself

Know the “30/30” rule: When you see a lightning flash, start counting. If you don't make it to 30 before hearing the thunder, head indoors. Then stay indoors until 30 minutes after hearing the last boom of thunder.

If you’re already indoors

If you're outside when a storm hits

Protecting your stuff

To help lessen some of the potential damage from a lightning strike:

A major concern with hail is damage to your home’s roof. No roofing material is hail-proof, so look for hail-resistant shingles that carry a Class 4 UL rating. Learn what type of roofing material is appropriate for homes in your area. Also, be aware that most roofing jobs are not for DIYers. It can be dangerous work. So unless you’re experienced, hire a professional roofing contractor. And speaking of roof repairs, we also cover that.

Hail can also cause extensive damage to your vehicle. To help lessen that risk:

Find out more on how to prepare for extreme weather conditions at our Catastrophe resource center. Or contact an agent to protect your home with property insurance from Nationwide.

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