How to prepare for a tornado
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Helping protect your home and family from a tornado

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A tornado is perhaps one of the most terrifying forces of destruction nature can unleash, with a funnel of winds swirling at up to 300 mph. They can happen any time of year, and appear transparent until they pick up dust and debris. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, one tornado can cut a path of devastation a mile wide and 50 miles long. So it's important to know how to prepare for a tornado and what to do during and after a tornado. These tornado safety tips can help protect your family and home.

Tornado warning signs

Thankfully, tornadoes don’t come completely without warning. Pay attention to these signs that often indicate when a tornado may be brewing:

Prepare your home & family

No house can withstand a direct hit from a severe tornado, but “hardening” your home can help it survive if it's on the fringe of the tornado's path. Also vital: proper tornado preparation with your family so they know exactly what to do in case of a tornado:

Before a tornado hits

If conditions are right for a tornado in your area:

After a tornado has come through

If you and your family were forced to leave your home – or if it has been severely damaged from the tornado – wait for authorities to give the all-clear to re-enter. Then:

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Even with the best preparation, you can still sustain damage from unexpected events like a tornado. Contact an agent today to protect your home, and enjoy the peace of mind knowing our disaster response resources would be ready to assist you in an emergency.

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