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Get coverage that protects your belongings for their full value

We understand that the things that make your house a home don’t lose their value to you just because you’ve had them for a while. In fact, it’s just the opposite. That’s why Nationwide Insurance offers Brand New Belongings® (formerly known as Extended Replacement Cost).

Offered in connection with Nationwide homeowners, condominium and renters insurance policies, Brand New Belongings is an optional coverage that may help pay to replace or repair your covered belongings, regardless of age or condition.

How Brand New Belongings works

With Brand New Belongings, when the things inside your home are damaged, destroyed or stolen, Nationwide will provide you with the funds to have your items repaired, or to purchase brand new versions. 

First, you’ll receive funds for the actual cash value (the depreciated amount) of your covered items. Then after you purchase new replacement items or have them repaired, simply send us the receipt and we’ll pay you the difference.

Learn more about Better Roof Replacement, another optional policy add-on that provides your roof with an extra level of protection in the event of damage.

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