Utility and Business Interruption Insurance

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Keep Your Business Running With Utility and Business Interruption Insurance

Are you prepared if outside forces interrupt your business and cause you to close your doors for a period of time? If your business is without natural gas, phone, connectivity or water for more than a day, business interruption insurance and utility interruption insurance can offer your business the protection it needs.  

What business interruption insurance covers

Business interruption insurance can keep capital flowing in the event of disruptions such as fire, hail, wind storm, vandalism or equipment damage. It can help you:

How utility interruption insurance offers extra protection

Commercial property insurance and business interruption insurance cover your costs if an unexpected event damages your property and forces you to close for a short time. However, they don't cover losses your business sustains from a utility interruption, which can result from events occurring off your premises, such as a wind storm, water main break or gas leak. 

Basic business interruption insurance and property insurance can be expanded to include this coverage with two specific endorsements:

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