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The general liability insurance quote: key questions

So you’ve decided to get a liability insurance quote to protect your business. Your agent, in order to help you secure a policy best suited to your needs, will need to ask a few questions to gain better insight into your business. So be prepared to open your books and answer some detailed questions about your company, who you are and what you do. This will make it easy for them to write you a policy with the right amount of coverage.

You’ll be asked about the type of company you run, how many people you employ, the area where your business is located, and have an open discussion of your company's revenues and future projections. Our advice is to always be forthright and as transparent as possible – so the quote and policy will accurately reflect the realities and risks of your business.

Typical questions for a general liability insurance quote

Beyond the standard questions, here are some details you may be asked during the quote process:

You can always rest assured that any information you provide to the agent for your general liability insurance quote will be kept confidential. As a matter of liability, that’s the promise we in the insurance industry keep for our clients – including you.

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