MedPair is a supplemental health insurance plan that provides a solution for both you and your employees to help offset rising healthcare costs.

The program is designed to coordinate with your major medical plan to provide additional coverage for your employees and their dependents. The result: employees pay less money up front for out of pocket medical services.

We have your employees covered – inside and out.

MedPair works seamlessly with major providers to fill gaps in medical coverage

Our combined inpatient-outpatient benefit includes coverage for services provided in a hospital emergency room, hospital outpatient facility, diagnostic facility, physician's office, lab and urgent care.

Additional benefits include:
  • Individual coverage of $250- $15,000 per plan year
  • Increased family deductibles that are 2 - 3x the individual maximums
  • Coinsurance options of 5% to 50%
  • Easy claims service and fast reimbursement 
  • Convenient insurance ID card to use during medical visits
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Products are not available in all states. The benefits outlined here are for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered a proposal for coverage. Limitations and exclusions apply. Additional plan options are available with underwriting approval.