Help participants stick with their retirement planning

October is National Retirement Security Month

Saving for retirement is a marathon — a long-term investment toward the future. We want to help your participants understand the importance of "sticking with it" in order to reach their retirement goals. We've developed a downloadable kit of campaign materials that can help you encourage your participants to create and rely on a retirement game plan.

Get the kit

Download our campaign kit and use it to help participants stick with their retirement-planning goals.

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What's included in the kit

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Campaign overview

This campaign overview shares high-level messaging of each piece available in the campaign kit.

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Newsletter article

Our short newsletter blurb about National Retirement Security Month is ready for you to place in your next participant communication.
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These 4 emails cover different retirement-planning steps and lead participants to related resources. Send one each week or in any cadence you choose.

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Participant campaign page

Our campaign webpage offers resources to help participants make or update a retirement game plan. Visit to see materials and share them with your participants.