Insights for getting real about retirement planning and investing

Nationwide® has created a suite of financial wellness topics to help educate employees on budgeting, financial planning, saving and more. From getting started through midcareer and into retirement, this series of modules is designed to build confidence in retirement planning and investing.

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Basics of Personal Finance

Helps employees understand the basics of budgeting, personal credit and saving
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Cybersecurity Basics

Helps employees identify, address and avoid different types of cyberfraud
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Explains various investing styles and principles
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Introduces valuable online resources available through the plan website
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Retirement 101

Discusses the importance of and how to start contributing to a retirement plan
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Navigating Market Volatility

Explains how to manage market volatility and limit emotional decision-making
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Save, Grow and Protect Your Money

Helps employees identify ways to build and protect wealth

Retirement Myths and Realities

Dispels myths concerning Social Security, inflation, Medicare and related topics
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Women and Retirement

Explains unique challenges faced by women planning for retirement

Shares ways employees can make saving more possible
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Shows how to fund not only current-year but also in-retirement health expenses
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Health Care

Discusses how employees can prepare for these significant retirement expenses

Social Security

Details how it works, including what income employees can expect in retirement
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Approaching and Living in Retirement

Identifies 10 practical actions employees can take to prepare

Discusses market, investment, inflation and other risks associated with investing
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Investing involves market risk, including possible loss of principal, and there is no guarantee that investment objectives will be achieved.