Teen driving hazards
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Common road hazards teens should know about

Special Road Hazards

Driving a car takes focus and good instincts. But certain situations require some extra alertness. Here are a few road hazards to discuss with your teen driver:


Cyclists and motorists. Same roads, same traffic laws for the most part. But the bikers lack protection: no extra ton or two of metal around them. Teach your teens to be considerate and give bikes plenty of room.


With trains, the math is reversed. You have a two-ton vehicle; a train could have 100+ railcars that are several tons each. Yikes! So teach your kids to respect these huge beasts and not end up flattened.


School zones have lower speed limits for a reason. So many tykes running around, not paying attention. So it’s up to drivers. Be sure your teen knows to look out for petite pedestrians in and around a school.


At crosswalks, pedestrians basically rule the roost. Several states now have laws requiring all drivers to stop. Teach your teen to slow down at crosswalks, look out for pedestrians and know your state laws. 


Bad weather freaks out motorists. Snow? Rain? You’d think many of these people had never touched a steering wheel before. Teach your teen to handle skids, hydroplaning and temporarily insane drivers.

Driving at night

When the sun goes down, road risks go up. The glare of oncoming headlights. Inability to see familiar landmarks. Teach your teens how to navigate at night – after they’re comfortable driving during the day.

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