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From buying a car to avoiding an accident, our helpful auto insurance tips and information can save you money and keep you safe.

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Auto insurance

What is an SR-22?

Are you considered a high-risk driver? Learn about an SR-22.

Understanding the parts of a policy

Insurance policy documents appear to be very complex. Use this simple guide to help you make sense of them.

How credit affects your insurance

Insurance premiums are determined by many factors – including credit score. We explain how.

Car insurance lapse

Find out the consequences of an insurance lapse – and how to avoid one.

Car insurance laws

Auto insurance requirements vary from state to state. It's important to know yours. Here are the basics.

Car insurance resources

Learn how to save on car insurance with these research and comparison tools.

Marriage & your insurance needs

Learn five ways that Nationwide meets the needs of newly married couples.

Types of car insurance

Learn how basic car insurance works and what it covers.

Auto insurance comparison guide

Here are some tips and what to look for when comparing car insurance companies.

Auto insurance definitions

Become familiar with car insurance terms that may appear in your policy.

Insurance FAQs

Find answers to questions about your Nationwide insurance policy.

How to prevent auto insurance fraud

Learn what auto insurance fraud is, what we’re doing to prevent it and how to avoid becoming a victim.

Comprehensive vs. collision

It’s important to understand the difference between comprehensive and collision insurance.

Annual car insurance check-in

Remember to review your auto insurance policy with your agent.

Insurance tips for car buyers

In the excitement of buying a car, don’t forget these 8 considerations to make sure you’re covered.

Keep low car insurance rates

Tips for senior drivers to maintain low auto rates.

How much is car insurance

Learn what factors influence the price of car insurance and what the average cost of car insurance is.

Is car insurance tax deductible?

As tax time draws closer, you may be wondering if you can deduct your auto insurance premium.

What does auto liability insurance cover?

Find out more about what auto liability insurance covers and whether you need it.

What is collision coverage?

Find out what collision insurance is and whether you need it.

What is comprehensive coverage?

Find out what comprehensive insurance covers.

What is full coverage?

There are a lot of misconceptions about having full coverage auto insurance.

Do you need gap insurance?

Determine whether gap insurance makes sense for your situation.

What’s no-fault insurance?

Learn more about what’s sometimes referred to as personal injury protection insurance (PIP).

What is underinsured motorist coverage?

Learn the difference between uninsured and underinsured and what you might need.

Do I need no-fault insurance?

These states require personal injury protection insurance (PIP).

Does auto insurance cover theft?

Honestly, it depends. Review these scenarios and check your policy.

How much car insurance do I need?

Learn how to choose which coverage types and policy limits are right for you and your car.

Do I need collision insurance?

Ask yourself these questions to find out if you really need comprehensive and collision insurance.

Should I get an extended warranty?

Here are a few things to consider for buying an extended warranty for your car.

Car insurance myths

Get clarification around common car insurance misconceptions.

Choosing a car insurance deductible

Five questions to ask when deciding on a high or low deductible

5 things to know about car insurance

Learn about the different car insurance coverages and the variables that go into policy rates.

Renting a moving truck?

It’s important to know what your insurance policy covers.

What to know about switching insurance

Here are 7 things to know before switching your car insurance.

Does my car insurance cover this?

Find out what car insurance covers in 4 situations people often ask about.

Driving without car insurance

Find out the potential costs and consequences of driving without car insurance.

Best car insurance price

How to get the service and coverage you need for the best price.

Choose a performance driving school

Learn about skills, racing, and high performance schools.

Do you need insurance to rent a car?

Find out if you need extra insurance on a rental car.

Learn about multi-car insurance

See why your multi-car household needs multi-car insurance.

Choosing the right car warranty

Learn the ins-and-outs of bumper-to-bumper and powertrain warranties.

Company car insurance coverage

Learn how a company car policy provides the coverage you need.

Finding cheap car insurance

Save money on your car insurance with quality coverage from Nationwide.

Cheap car insurance options

Compare quotes and consider more than price for insurance.

Online insurance quote

Learn how to get a car insurance quote in an instant.

How to file a car insurance claim

What you need to know when filing a car insurance claim with step-by-step instructions for filing.

Safety tips

Celebrate National Car Care Month

Preventative car maintenance is especially important as the seasons change. Learn more about how to take care of your car.

Vehicle safety inspection

Find out what is checked during a vehicle safety inspection.

Driving & road safety tips

Check out our defensive driving tips & other information to help keep you safe on the road.

Protect yourself from car break-ins

Learn how to secure your vehicle and prevent this common yet costly property crime.

Car safety for kids

Find tips for keeping your children safe as they ride with you in the car.

Advanced driving course

Learn where you can refresh your driving skills and stay safer on the road.

What to keep in your glove box

Check out our list of must-have items for this overlooked but useful storage space in your car.

Important emergency numbers

Learn the six numbers you should save in your mobile phone contact list in case of emergencies.

Traffic congestion stats

Learn about the real cost of traffic congestion in terms of time and money – beyond just the aggravation.

What to do if your car breaks down on the highway

Learn what to do if your car breaks down on the highway and how you can be prepared in advance.

What to do when you run out of gas

Learn what you should do if you’re stranded with an empty fuel tank.

Use an emergency brake every time you park

Using an emergency brake is an important safety tip while parking and in case of an emergency.

Trailer towing tips

Learn how to safely tow a trailer with these helpful trailer towing tips.

Safe Following Distance

Tailgating can lead to rear-end collisions. To avoid them, learn how to maintain a safe following distance and how to apply the 3-second rule.

What is emissions testing?

Learn what to do after you pass or fail your vehicle emissions test.

Buying, selling & leasing

How to get a replacement car title

A car title is an important document for every vehicle owner. Here’s what to do if you lose your car title.

Lease versus buy a car calculator

Lease versus buy a car calculator

This calculator will help you decide which option makes the most financial sense for you by comparing payments and the overall cost.

Calculate your monthly auto loan payment

Calculate your monthly auto loan payment

Nationwide’s auto loan calculator can help you estimate your monthly car payment and understand if you are overpaying.

Car depreciation calculator

Car depreciation calculator

Estimate how much value your vehicle has lost with our car depreciation calculator. Use this tool to make decisions on auto repairs, trade-ins, and more.

Choosing a family car

Find out the things you should consider when choosing a family car.

Your options if you’ve bought a “Lemon” car

If you buy a car with serious defects, you may have recourse. Learn about new and used lemon car laws here.

Should you use a car buying service?

A car-buying service can make purchasing a new car much easier. Find out if it’s right for you.

Buying a car from a private seller

Learn what precautions to take when buying a car from a private party.

What to know when buying your first car

Learn what to know and prepare for when you are buying your first car.

When to buy a car

Learn the best time to get a deal on a new vehicle.

Ins and outs of auto down payments

Learn how your down payment can affect you and your car payments in the future.

How to transfer a car title

Follow these steps to help you properly transfer your car title.

Buying a car online

Learn how to safely find and buy a car online

How to buy cars at auctions

Understand how car auctions work so there is nothing holding you back when you are ready to purchase a car.

Teen drivers

Car insurance for college students

Find out when college students should have their own car insurance or stay on their parents’ policy.

Teen driving tips

As a parent, you can be a good role model who makes sure your young driver is road-ready.

What is a graduated driver's license?

Learn how a GDL's three-step program can help your teen ease into independent driving.

Teen driver education

Help your teen apply driver's ed to real-life scenarios.

Family driving contracts

Set clear expectations before your teen or elderly relative hits the road.

Teen distracted driving

Understand common teen driving distractions and focus on sensible solutions.

Adding a teen driver

Learn how and when to add a new driver to your car insurance policy.

Insurance with a learner's permit

Find out how a teenage driver with a learner’s permit affects your car insurance needs.

Good cars for college students

What are the right cars for college students?

When children can be taken off their parents’ car insurance policy

Find out what to consider when you think about taking your kids off your car insurance policy.

Cheap car insurance for teens & young drivers

Nationwide offers tips to lower the cost of car insurance policies for young drivers.

Classic cars

Owning a classic car

Check out these tips for maintaining and insuring your classic or antique car.

Investing in classic cars

Classic cars can be more than just showpieces. Here is some advice on investing in classic cars.

How to register your classic car

Learn what you should consider when registering your classic car.

How old is a classic car?

Learn how old your car has to be to qualify for classic car insurance.

What you need to know about classic car insurance

Learn all the things to consider when choosing a classic car insurance policy.

Where to buy a classic car

Check out these trusted sources when looking for a place to buy a classic car.

Joining a classic car club

Here are some tips to help you find a classic car club to join.

How much does a classic car cost?

These tips can help you find a classic car without breaking the bank.

Classic car auction tips

Looking for the classic car of your dreams? Having a plan can help you make the right deal at a classic car auction.

Finding affordable classic cars

Check out how to find cheaper classic cars that you can afford to own.

Should you restore your classic car?

Learn what you should consider before committing to a restoration project.

Classic car trend: 80s and 90s emerging cars

Find out what 80s and 90s muscle cars are catching collectors’ eyes.

Classic car swapmeets 101

Get all you can out of your next classic car swap meet.

Typical auto insurance claims

Stolen car

Discovering your car has been stolen can be scary. Let us help recover from a car theft loss.


Nationwide provides car vandalism coverage. Learn more about what you can claim if your car has been vandalized.

Animal accident

If you hit a deer or other animal with your car, Nationwide will provide you with guidance on insurance coverage and the claims process.

Hail damage

Do you need to file a hail damage claim due to a bad storm? Nationwide offers step-by-step advice on car dent repair insurance claims and costs.

Windshield repair

Need to repair a cracked or chipped windshield? Nationwide partners with Safelite®AutoGlass to handle auto glass repair insurance claims.

Towing & labor

Learn how to get reimbursed if your policy includes towing & labor coverage.

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