Additional Farm Insurance Coverages
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Additional Insurance Coverage for Your Farm or Ranch

Various endorsements to your farm or ranch insurance policy can be used to customize coverage to the unique needs of your operation. Ask an agent if any of these might apply to your operation.

Disruption of Farming Operations

Coverage for extra expenses and loss of income caused by a covered loss to a building.

Identity Fraud Expense Coverage

Reimbursements up to $25,000 for covered expenses incurred in restoring your identity.

Earthquake Coverage

Coverage for farms or ranches near fault lines to protect against earthquake damage.

Farm Machinery and Equipment Replacement Cost

Coverage to replace equipment up to five years old.

Peak Season Coverage Endorsement

Inventory protection for those times of year, such as harvest time, when you have a greater quantities of product stored on your property.

Sewer/Sump Pump Backup

Coverage for sewer or sump pump backup.

Temperature Sensitive Endorsement

Protection for temperature-sensitive products resulting from a fluctuation in temperature control.

Farm Property Protection Plus

Increased coverage for your household contents, including gold, furs, firearms, GPS systems and more.

AgriChoice Elite

Increased coverage for certain types of losses to farm equipment, buildings, livestock and products.

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