Liability insurance for sports instructors
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Liability insurance for sports instructors

Practice. Patience. Tough training. Drills to sharpen skills. These are some of the ingredients that make a winning athlete. And as their coach or instructor, you're with your players every step of the way. You keep them focused and help them build the mental and physical strength they need to feel like winners no matter what the score.

Why athletic training liability insurance?

As a sports trainer you have all of the tools to build a successful team. But in the event of something going wrong, do you have what you need to protect your business from an unexpected body-slam? Nationwide’s Specialty Liability Insurance for Sports Instructors provides liability protection just for you.

How does sports instructor  insurance protect your business?

We’ll protect your program, employees and volunteers from bodily injury and property damage claims which result from accidents that happen in the course of your instruction or coaching.

We cover several other aspects of liability, including your premises, products and advertising. We offer zero-deductibles on liability claims.

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