Hurricane preparedness
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How to prepare for a hurricane

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Hurricanes are among the most powerful severe weather events found in nature. These fearsome storm systems can originate in any ocean – Atlantic, Pacific or Caribbean – and pack a punch of 150-170 mph winds. And when they hit land, they can spawn tornadoes, tropical storms, torrential rain, flooding, landslides and horrific destruction in general. So it's never too early to think about hurricane preparedness – and how you can protect your family, home, property and business. Here are some essential hurricane safety tips to help you prepare for a hurricane.

Hurricane preparation

This infographic shows you three things you can do to prepare your property for high winds.

Business continuity planning

This toolkit provides business owners with helpful documents to prepare their business and property for severe weather.

Long-range hurricane planning

Make sure your home meets or exceeds current model building codes for regions often impacted by hurricanes. You may also want to do the following: 

Before a hurricane hits

If conditions are right for a hurricane in your area, this is how you can prepare:

After a hurricane has passed

If you and your family were forced to leave your home – or if it has been severely damaged from the hurricane – wait for authorities to give the all-clear to re-enter. Then:

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Even with the best preparation, you can still sustain damage from unexpected events like a hurricane. Contact an agent today to protect your home with the right homeowners insurance, and you can reach our claims center any time you need us.

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