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Is RV insurance required?

is rv insurance required?

If you currently own or are considering buying a recreational vehicle (RV), you are likely asking yourself: do I need RV insurance? Like auto insurance, coverage for your recreational vehicle is required. Many states require uninsured or underinsured insurance, and every state requires minimum liability coverage if the vehicle is driven on the road.

If your state requires at least 20/40/10 in liability coverage, for instance, then you need bodily injury insurance that covers $20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident, as well as $10,000 per accident for property damage.

Keep in mind that state minimum liability limits apply to vehicles that are self-propelled. On a towable RV, such as a 5th wheel, camper or travel trailer, the liability extends from the tow vehicle.

Also, state minimum liability limits may not be sufficient for your situation. It's important to have sufficient coverage to protect your assets in a serious accident or lawsuit. Without enough liability coverage, you risk going into debt or losing the things you've worked hard for – your home, car, RV, personal possessions and life savings.

Standard coverages for motorhomes and RVs

Some basic insurance coverages for motorhomes and RVs include:

Coverages for motorhomes and RVs

Some coverages available for motorhomes and RVs include:

RV loans

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Whether you use your RV for an occasional vacation or as a permanent residence, Nationwide has the RV coverage you need. We have dependable coverage for motorhomes, RVs and travel trailers.

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