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It’s important you understand what is safe and not safe when processing email in your inbox.

It’s safe to:
  • Open and read an email
  • Preview an email in your inbox
  • Delete or ignore an email
  • Suspect a phishing email
It's not safe to:
  • Open attachments or click on links
  • Preview an attachment or link in your inbox – that’s just like opening it
  • Reply to or provide information back to the sender

Ask yourself these questions when reviewing your inbox

  • Is it expected? If you’re not expecting an email, trust your gut and report it.
  • Do you know the sender? If not, try to verify the sender using another method. If it doesn’t check out, it could be suspect.
  • Do I need to respond now? Nope! Pump the breaks and take your time. If it doesn’t feel right to you, it probably isn’t.