Telematics solutions for farms and agribusinesses

Get discounted pricing on telematics solutions to enhance your agricultural operation.

Using data and technology to improve efficiency and productivity, while ensuring safe operation on the road and in the field

As today’s farms and commercial agribusinesses grow in size and sophistication, agricultural professionals are turning to telematics solutions that provide fleet optimization tools to help drive profitability, improve safety and enhance their day-to-day operations.

“Vehicle accidents are a leading cause of disruption for farm and agribusiness operations,” said Brad Liggett, Nationwide’s president of Agribusiness. Nationwide is always looking for answers to the problems facing our agriculture customers and our partnerships with Razor Tracking and Zubie help us do that, using high tech yet cost-effective technology to keep our customers and their vehicles safe while also improving productivity for their business.

Razor Tracking telematics and fleet management solutions

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Razor Tracking app or online portal

  • Track and coordinate all vehicles and equipment on one screen
  • Monitor driver performance and routes
  • Get real-time tracking and watch the live camera feed
  • Generate vehicle history reports and driver safety scores cards
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Razor Tracking Premier device

  • Vehicle diagnostic port plug n’ play design
  • Tracks driver performance, engine data and vehicle speed, location and direction
  • Sends alerts in the event of engine failure or overturned vehicle
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Razor Tracking dashboard cams

  • World’s most advanced incident camera with built-in tracking and telematics data
  • Developed to provide evidence of events leading up to and during a road traffic accident
  • Provide instant notifications & videos of incidents in less than a minute

For additional features and benefits of Razor Tracking, visit or see the Nationwide Premium Partner Program.

Get discounted pricing on Razor Tracking devices

Nationwide farm and commercial agribusiness policyholders receive discounted pricing on Razor Tracking devices and subscription fees. To get started with the Nationwide Premium Partner Program, either call 1-833-467-2967(1-833-GORAZOR), email or fill out this form to connect with a fleet tracking representative.

Get up to 15% off Zubie Asset Trak

Nationwide farm and commercial agribusiness policyholders can also get up to 15% off Zubie Asset Trak devices and 1- to 3-year service subscriptions. A system like Zubie’s provides real-time location data, so you’ll always know the location of vehicles, equipment and operators. And with geofencing technology, you’ll be alerted when an operator is working in the wrong place or if equipment has fallen into the wrong hands. Asset tracking enables you to take the right corrective action, whether it’s a simple phone call to an operator or alerting the authorities that your equipment may have been stolen. See Zubie promotional flyer for more details.

Email to learn more about Zubie Asset Trak and how to integrate the technology into your your operation.

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Telematics FAQs

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Fleet telematics is a system of sensors that monitor vehicle operation and performance and shares that data via a digital platform. That data is usually relayed to a mobile app or desktop web browser. Then, you can access it — usually on a mobile app or desktop web browser — to make informed decisions, minimize risk and cut costs.

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