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“It was just another day on the farm, baling hay under the summer sun,” begins Wesley, recounting the harrowing experience that unfolded on his family’s Montana farm in late July 2022. “Suddenly, my father-in-law saw flames in the field behind him. Without hesitation, he dumped the hay from the baler and turned the tractor around to fight the blaze.”

The fire caught up to his baler quickly, threatening to consume it. “My father-in-law, a lifelong farmer, had never used the Enforcer® 10 before. I had only shown him how it worked once after we installed it,” Wesley continued. “But in that critical moment, he remembered everything. He rushed to the front of the tractor, activated the Enforcer 10, and within seconds, the fire on the baler was out.”

Fighting fire with foam

Mounted on the front of his tractor, the Enforcer 10 utilizes high energy compressed air foam technology to produce 200 gallons of FIREBULL® firefighting foam that can be discharged from a distance of up to 45 feet.

It not only saved the tractor and baler, but also helped Wesley’s father-in-law create a safe zone amidst a blazing field. “He used the remaining foam to fend off the ground fire around him, buying just enough time to drive himself and the equipment to safety,” Wesley said.

The aftermath was a testament to the effectiveness of the Enforcer 10. “My father was amazed. When he pulled the trigger, the fire went out and stayed out. Not a single flame reignited on the baler or the ground where the FIREBULL foam had been applied,” the son marvels.

Nationwide and EnforcerOne join forces to protect agriculture customers

With an estimated 20,000 agricultural fires each year, the need for fire safety awareness and planning has never been greater. EnforcerOne and Nationwide recently announced a new partnership to help.

Through the partnership, Nationwide’s agriculture customers can receive a 20% discount on a suite of EnforcerOne and FIREBULL products, including the Enforcer 10.

“This partnership with EnforcerOne is more than just about business; it’s a commitment to safeguarding the lives and livelihoods of our customers everywhere,” said Brad Liggett, president of Agribusiness at Nationwide. “We’re thrilled to add these state-of-the-art fire suppression devices to our array of tools and resources customers and agents can use to arm themselves against the unpredictable threat of fire.”

As neighbors and volunteer fire departments arrived to help with the fire, they too were impressed by the Enforcer 10’s performance. “Many marveled at its simplicity and power. It’s clear to us now; without the Enforcer 10, we would have lost much more than hay that day,” Wesley added.

“EnforcerOne has a long history of providing unique fire suppression offerings for fire departments,” said Ron Thames, president of EnforcerOne. “By getting these easy-to-use firefighting tools directly into the hands of customers to quickly extinguish fires in their incipient stage, we can help better protect customers and get them back to work safely and quickly.”

Don’t let a fire define your legacy. Visit to discover how you can integrate these vital fire suppression solutions into your farm and protect what matters most.

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