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Listen in as FarmHer founder, Marji Alaniz, strikes up a compelling conversation around the five steps to financial security with Christine Armstrong, Executive Director & Senior Portfolio Management Director at Morgan Stanley.

Christine learned at an early age to take control of her own future after the death of her father left her and her family in a vulnerable position. Determined to be financially secure, Christine has spent her professional years vowing to help others, particularly women, walk through life together toward financial security. Hear her sage advice, rewarding stories and suggestions to move from vulnerable to confidently protected.


FarmHer is an organization that celebrates and lifts women who are a part of agriculture through their stories. Together, Nationwide and FarmHer have shared a long running relationship with a mutual appreciation for supporting these women. Through the Everybody Eats partnership, we encourage you to explore these educational, empowering and inspirational women and to share their stories with your community.

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