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Pets can be valuable members of your family. When you introduce an animal into your home, help keep everyone safe with these helpful animal safety tips:

  • Know the breed of dogs and their disposition. Some dogs tend to bond to one person or family member and become defensive around others.
  • Do not try to pet an animal while they are eating, sleeping or caring for their young. Also let them see and sniff you first. Teach children this animal safety approach.
  • Teach your children not to provoke or tease a strange animal. Half of all attacks to children are considered provoked.
  • Do not hug an unfamiliar dog or other animal, especially around the animal’s neck.
  • Always supervise small children that are near animals.
  • If an animal attacks, you may be able to decrease injury by feeding them your jacket, purse, bike or anything else that can serve as a barrier between you and the animal.
  • If you're knocked to the ground, curl into a ball with your hands over your ears and lie still until the animal goes away. Teach this animal safety technique to children.
  • For the safety of all, animals should be leashed or in a fenced area at all times.

Animal safety facts

  • Injuries caused by animals are the second most frequent cause of emergency room visits each year.
  • There are 5+ million incidents involving animals annually.
  • 70% of dog bites are to children under 10 years of age, and 77% of the bites are to the facial area.
  • 77% of dog bites are from dogs owned by family and friends and take place in a familiar area.
  • 65% of serial attacks and 79% of rampage attacks (biting multiple people during one occurrence) are committed by Pit Bull breeds and Rottweilers.

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