woman packing suitcase for travel

Whether you are booking flights, hotels or any other accommodations, travel insurance means up to 100% reimbursement on covered losses — so you can avoid the financial burden of flight delays, snowstorms and even lost luggage. With our special Cancel for Any Reason you can protect yourself against losses caused by pre-existing conditions.

There’s still plenty of time to protect your holiday trip. Here are some reasons to buy travel insurance for the holidays:

Watch the weather

Airlines aren’t obligated to provide you with the latest weather. Winter weather might slow you down, but it doesn’t have to stop you. You may want to think about getting a travel insurance plan that protects against flight delays or cancellations.

Assess your luggage

The holidays are a prime time for traveling with items you would hate to lose. You may want to consider buying a travel insurance plan that provides coverage for lost items. Keep as much documentation (original receipts and photos of the items) as possible on things you are traveling with and make sure the plan’s baggage coverage limits — both the total and the per-item maximums — match your needs.

Quick tip: If your gear is damaged or swiped from under your nose, our gear coverage may help with replacing covered items.

Keep your options open

Is flexibility key to your travel planning? If so, Cancel for Any Reason coverage might be the right fit. From waking up with the flu or a family emergency, whatever the reason, you’re likely covered. Remember, this is a time-sensitive benefit– you’ll have to purchase it within 10-30 days of making your initial trip payment – and filing a claim under Cancel for Any Reason typically requires you to cancel your plans and notify all travel suppliers 48-72 hours before your scheduled departure.

Give the gift of travel

The holiday season is a great time to share the gift of travel! While some may shower loved ones with travel gear like new earbuds, carry-on bags or travel tech - we really love when people give the gift of actual travel. Nothing compares to the feeling of experiencing a new culture or seeing a new landscape.

When you purchase a policy for someone else, you will need that to ensure the traveler is the person listed on the policy. If they need to make a claim, they’ll need to provide proof of your payment for their prepaid, nonrefundable trip costs. It will then be the traveler who is reimbursed for the claim, not the purchaser.

Add travel insurance to your holiday checklist

Complications, delays and other frustrations are extremely common when traveling, and having the protection of a travel insurance policy can at least spare you from the financial distress of such mishaps.

Nationwide® offers multiple travel insurance options, including coverage for trips as short as 100 miles away. So, whether it’s a drive to the next state or the journey of a lifetime, consider packing a little peace of mind in the form of travel insurance.