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Standard homeowners insurance policies can cover the complete replacement of a roof. To help you customize insurance for your needs and budget, we offer additional roof coverage options.

Overview of roof coverage options

Limited Roof
We pay a preset percentage on a wind or hail claim based on the type and age of the roof. As the roof gets older, the payment amount decreases. This amount won’t pay for full roof repairs, but it can cover some of the damage. Other types of claims included in a policy, apart from wind and hail, are eligible to be fully covered. Because it offers less coverage, the Limited Roof endorsement could save you money on your homeowners premium.

In some states, the Limited Roof endorsement is mandatory for roofs other than slate, tile, metal and wood/shake that are more than 11 years old. The Limited Roof endorsement is not available in all states. Talk with your agent for more details.

Standard roof (also known as replacement cost)
This option, which is typically included in a standard homeowners policy, can cover the complete replacement of a roof when there’s a claim, minus your deductible. The availability of this coverage may vary.

Better Roof Replacement®
After a covered loss, your roof will be rebuilt or replaced with stronger materials, minus your deductible. There’s an extra cost for this added endorsement.

Customize your roof coverage

Simple coverage comparison:Limited Roof endorsement. Lower premium. Less coverage. Standard roof coverage. Standard premium. Standard coverage. Better Roof Replacement®. Higher premium. More coverage.
Regardless of your coverage, it’s important to let your agent know if you replace your roof so they can update your policy.

Roof coverage considerations

Here are a few factors to consider as you evaluate roof coverage options.
Always talk with your agent about the best fit for your needs.

When it comes to coverage for your roof, what’s more important: coverage or cost? Or something in between?

Do you live in an area with high wind/hail risks?

Do you have an emergency fund or savings that could cover the cost of a roof replacement if needed?

Customize your home insurance coverage

Find out more about the chance to tailor your roof coverage.

Talk with your agent about coverage specifics and cost details.

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