Renters Insurance FAQs

You may already know how renters insurance coverage works, but when it comes to more specific items or instances, what renters insurance actually covers is a little more complicated. We’ve rounded up some of the more common questions regarding renters insurance coverage to provide you with the answers you need.

Does renters insurance cover flood damage?

Renters insurance policies do not typically provide coverage for damage, loss or risks associated with flooding. Similar to homeowners insurance, renters need to obtain separate flood insurance in order to gain protection.

Does renters insurance cover water damage?

Unlike flood damage, water damage is typically covered by renters insurance.

For instance, if your washing machine suddenly breaks resulting in water damage to your apartment and the belongings inside, your renters insurance policy will usually cover the costs. This applies to other household appliances, as well as plumbing, heating systems, cooling systems and fire sprinklers.

Does renters insurance cover car damage?

Damage to your vehicle would not be covered by your renters insurance policy. However, if you have personal possessions that were stolen or damaged inside your car, renters will typically kick in to cover the costs incurred.

Does renters insurance cover bed bugs?

A renters insurance policy does not typically cover any type of bug or rodent infestation, including bed bugs. Learn how to prevent bed bugs altogether.

Does renters insurance cover firearms?

Renters insurance may cover loss or damage to firearms and firearm accessories, up to specific limits. If you own an antique firearm that is extremely valuable, however, you'll most likely need to acquire extra coverage to cover costs.

Does renters insurance cover dog bites?

While many renters insurance policies cover dog bites under personal liability, it often depends on factors such as the type of breed you have. If your pet doesn’t fall within the guidelines, you may be required to obtain additional coverage.

Find out more about what renters insurance covers and what it doesn’t.

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