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Even though flights and cruise travel have started to return to pre-pandemic numbers, the good old American road trip is still a popular choice. Many drivers don’t think of travel insurance for trips by road, but it’s wise to have protection against travel-related financial losses.

Whether you’re in your own car or camper or have rented a vehicle, road trip travel insurance can cover a variety of travel-related incidents. Such plans are generally designed to cover prepaid, nonrefundable costs.

Medical emergency

What if you get sick or hurt on your trip? It’s possible that your health insurance does not provide coverage outside of your area or there may not be local providers within your network. Medical emergency coverage benefits of travel insurance can help with the cost of medical bills incurred by unexpected illness while you’re away from home.

Medical evacuation

Whether you are traveling across the country or taking a scenic coastal route, many locations are remote. If you were to become seriously injured or sick, there might not be a health care facility nearby. Medical evacuation benefits are very useful in such cases.

Trip cancellation/interruption

If you’re unable to go on your trip due to covered reasons, travel insurance can cover lost payments or deposits toward a vacation rental. Likewise, if you need to cut your trip short for a covered reason, trip interruption coverage can help cover additional costs you may have to bear.

Accidental death and dismemberment

If you become dismembered, such as in a car accident, travel insurance can provide financial relief to you under the Accidental Death and Dismemberment benefit. In the case of your death, your designated beneficiaries would receive the payout.

Buying travel insurance is an effective way to protect your finances when you’re planning any trip — even a road trip. Coverage from Nationwide is possible for trips that are as little as 100 miles away from home. So even for a weekend getaway, add travel insurance to your packing list.