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Kids who participate in sports really give it their all – and the last thing they want is to be sidelined by an injury. That’s why sports injury prevention is so important.

With that in mind, share these 10 sports safety tips with your kids. Teach them to follow these guidelines to remain on top of their game and avoid injury during an organized sport.

Tips for young athletes:

1. Get a physical

A pre-participation physical exam (PPE) helps ensure that you're healthy enough to participate.

2. Stay fit

Start getting in shape before the season starts.

3. Share your information

Be sure your coach has emergency contact information for your parents and doctor, as well as any medical conditions and treatment. Sharing information is not injury prevention, it is, though mitigation, which is also important.

4. Make sure your coach is prepared

Your coach and other adults on the sideline should be certified in first aid and CPR. A fully-stocked first aid kit should be on hand at every game and practice.

5. Check your gear

Get the right protective equipment for your sport. Make sure it fits properly and is in good repair, and wear it for all games and practices.

6. Warm up and stretch

Stretching before games and practice helps prevent muscle tears or sprains by releasing muscle tension.

7. Stay hydrated

Drink water 30 minutes before your game or practice, and every 15 to 20 minutes during your activity. If you play more than 2 hours, you may also benefit from a sports drink.

8. Follow a good diet

To offset the calories burned during your sport, be sure you're getting a well-balanced, nutritional diet that gives you enough energy. Avoid supplements, which aren't always guaranteed to be safe.

9. Get enough rest

Be sure to get plenty of sleep, and appropriate rest during games and practices. Always take at least one day off each week.

10. Be a good sport

Sportsmanship is important. Play by the rules, avoid aggressive behavior, use proper techniques in the game and stay out of fights.


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