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Are you a pet owner who loves to travel, especially with your pet? Traveling with pets can be a fun-filled experience, allowing you to care for your furry friend and make memories. If you’ve found a pet-friendly vacation rental, consider yourself lucky. Now there is travel insurance with pet benefits that applies specifically to vacation rentals such as Airbnb and Vrbo properties.

1. Protect your pet’s health

Travel insurance isn’t just for humans. Nationwide offers travel insurance with pet benefits. If you're traveling to a vacation rental with your pet, we have a policy that includes pet medical expense coverage or kennel fee coverage. This benefit can provide reimbursement to you if your pet becomes ill and you need an emergency vet visit while on a trip or if your trip delays you getting home to your furry friend.

Depending on your plan, travel medical or pet medical coverage will reimburse you up to the maximum benefit amount if your cat or dog accompanying you on the trip incurs sickness or accidental injury that requires medical treatment, including services and supplies.

2. Protect pet-friendly accommodations

It’s important that you understand pet policies and restrictions before booking a stay. Make sure you research to ensure that there will be plenty of pet-friendly accommodations so that you and your pet are comfortable. Sites such as Airbnb or Vrbo allow you to filter for pet-friendly vacation rentals, making it easier to find accommodations that will fit your needs and your price range.

Once you find your accommodations, consider pet insurance that will provide coverage if your pet causes damage. We all know that a well-meaning pet can accidentally knock over a lamp, scratch the furniture or leave a stain on the sofa. Don't let Fido's mishap leave you on the hook for replacement costs.

3. Types of trip delay coverage

Travel delay coverage will vary. Our comprehensive travel insurance plans include some level of travel delay coverage. Some plans will even extend this coverage to your return trip (e.g., if you’re traveling back home and one of your flights is delayed due to a covered reason that caused you to miss your connecting flight). In this instance, some plans will provide coverage that will allow for reimbursement for accommodations made during the extra time you were away from home.

If you are delayed by a common carrier while en route to your destination after the trip is completed and have boarded your cat or dog for the duration of the trip and you are unable to collect them on the day previously agreed with the kennel, benefits will be paid up to the maximum benefit amount.

4. Airline pet policies

If you’re traveling by plane, carefully look over the airline’s policy on pets. Policies will vary by airline, destination and the size of the breed. Be sure to inquire in advance about their pet policy.

Consider packing your pet's favorite toy, food, blanket and treats to keep them occupied during the trip.

Travel coverage with Vacation Renter Protector

Now that you have considered both the joys and concerns of traveling with your pet, it's time to plan your next adventure.  And remember to protect your vacation plans in case the unexpected happens. Get your quote for Nationwide Vacation Renter Protector today.

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