Feature Story – Summer 2012

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Get Your Vehicle Ready to Roll for Summer

Before you go driving over hill and dale this summer, here are some tips to get your vehicle road ready.

Look under the hood. Or have someone who knows what’s under there look. Check your oil. Fill your washer fluid and change your wiper blades. Inspect your battery and all your lights – headlights, running lights, turn signals, fog lights. Check your brakes, tires and hoses.

Stay cool. A summer road trip requires a properly working air conditioner. Check it before you leave so tempers don’t flare along with the temperature.

Know where you're going. Invest in a GPS or spend some time plotting your course. While you’re at it, build in some side trips and rest stops to interesting places to break up the monotony of a long trip.

Keep your passengers entertained. When you get tired of reading license plates make sure you have other activities on hand. Music, DVD players, tablets, puzzle books, and games will help the miles roll by quickly.

Pet friendly. If you bring your pet with you, make sure Rover has enough space to turn around and lie down among the luggage. It’s safer to crate your pet in case of quick stops or accidents too. Or you can look into dog seatbelts so everyone is buckled up and safe!

Safety comes first. Make a little safety kit for your car. If you never use it, then you know it will be there for the next trip. Include a blanket, toilet paper, plastic baggies, hand wipes, first aid kit, some non-perishable food, flash light, water, jumper cables.

Just in case. Call and check your auto insurance policy. If you missed something in your pre-trip check and your car breaks down, are you covered for roadside assistance, towing or a rental car? If you're a Nationwide policyholder, call 1-877-669-6877 or your Nationwide agent for an On Your Side® review.

Too big? Too small? Or just right? If you're taking the whole gang with you, make sure you have enough room for people and their stuff.

By saving money on your auto loan, you'll have even more money in your pocket for your trip. That's more money for souvenirs – just make sure you have space for the return trip.


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