We believe in taking care of our associates in ways that matter to them. Our benefit offerings ensure that our associates have the motivation, inspiration and care they need to be their best at work and at home.

Your health

You, your children and your spouse/domestic partner can enroll in Nationwide’s comprehensive benefits plan. Contributions for coverage are generally taken from your biweekly pay on a pretax basis. Coverage begins immediately on Day 1 of hire.


All plans include prescription drug coverage, 100% coverage for in-network preventive care, and comprehensive coverage for other medical services. Choose between 2 high-deductible preferred provider options (PPOs). Or choose a plan that offers copays instead of a deductible. Local health maintenance organization (HMO) and accountable care options (ACO) plans are available in certain locations.


Nationwide offers 2 preferred provider option (PPO) options and 1 dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) if you live in certain ZIP codes. There’s coverage for preventive, diagnostic, basic and major restorative services as well as orthodontic treatment (limited to children under age 19 in the PPO options, no age limit in the DHMO option). You also have a choice of two dental networks: Aetna or Cigna.


Vision insurance covers routine eye exams and allowances for lenses, frames and contacts.

Other features of the medical plans

  • Virtual visits — “Visit” a doctor without leaving your home or office. Ideal for minor medical needs (such as cold/flu and other common conditions). 
  • Inclusive benefits - Services such as HIV treatment, HIV prevention, transition benefits and gender-affirming care, including counseling services, medical and pharmaceutical coverage, as well as necessary services and treatments for transitioning associates.
  • Infertility treatment — Coverage for associates and their spouse/domestic partner. 
  • Health Advocate — Offers services to you and your family members, such as researching claims and billing issues, finding services and resources in your area and providing special help for aging parents, such as locating eldercare and answering Medicare questions. 
  • Teladoc — A second-opinion service that connects you with an expert physician to review your diagnosis or treatment plan.

Your work/life balance

Nationwide offers a variety of time-off programs to help you balance work and life.

Your Time

You receive a Your Time award immediately on your hire date, and after that, it’s awarded quarterly, based on your regularly scheduled work hours, months of service and job level. Your Time provides paid time off to use for vacation, personal and sick time. Newly hired associates receive a minimum of 18 days paid time off each full calendar year, prorated quarterly based on hire date. Newly hired associates at higher job levels may receive additional paid time off.

Company-paid holidays

  • New Year’s Day
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Fourth of July (1 or 2 days)
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day (2 days)
  • Christmas Day (2 days)


In addition to the number of days of time off afforded through the Your Time program. Up to 8 hours of LifeTime per year can be used in increments as small as 2 hours as needed.

Unity Day

In addition to the number of days afforded through PTO, you’ll receive an additional 8 hours of paid time off on a day of your choosing to celebrate and reflect on what is meaningful to you. This time is awarded annually. These hours can be taken in 1 full day, or increments of 2 hours or more as selected by you.

Volunteer and blood donation program

Earn up to 2 days of paid time off per calendar year for volunteering for certain nonprofit organizations, donating blood or a combination of both. This is in addition to the number of days afforded through Your Time.

Foster care leave

Provides up to 3 days of fully paid time off to help with the transition of a new foster child into your home.

Military leave

Provides 4 weeks of pay differential for short-term training assignments and 104 weeks of pay differential for long-term deployments.

Funeral leave

Allows for up to 5 days (100% paid) away from work to plan, prepare or attend the funeral of an immediate family member. One day is offered to attend the funeral of other relatives or close friends.

Jury duty

You will be paid your full salary for up to 20 days within a 12-month period for the actual hours required to fulfill your jury duty commitment.

Maternity leave

New moms receive up to 16 weeks of paid time off following a birth depending on the type of delivery (which is a combination of 6 or 8 weeks of short-term disability and 8 weeks of parental leave). The amount of disability pay depends on your service and benefit elections.

Parental leave

New parents can receive up to 40 consecutive 100%-paid working days off for bonding time. This time off is provided outside of the Your Time and Short-Term Disability programs.

Adoption leave

Provides up to 40 working days off after the adoption of a child. Eligibility begins after 12 months of service with the company.

Your financial security

Nationwide’s benefits and programs provide financial protection for you and your eligible dependents, as well as funds to help with a variety of expenses and help you save for retirement.

Coverage amounts and costs of some benefits are based on base salary or covered compensation. Covered compensation is based on the greater of:
  • The amount of your annual base salary (as reported in Workday)
  • Your total compensation earned in the immediately preceding calendar year; total compensation includes your annual base salary as well as earnings such as overtime, shift differential, commissions, bonus and incentive payments

Life, accident and disability insurance

There’s no underwriting or evidence of insurability requirement for any of these insurance benefits if elected at your time of hire.

You are automatically enrolled in life, short-term disability income benefits and consolatory pay at no cost to you. Nationwide also offers group life and group accident insurance that you elect and pay the cost.

  • Supplemental accident — If elected, this coverage supplements any other medical insurance and helps offset out-of-pocket costs, including health plan deductibles and co-insurance costs, when you have medical expenses due to an accident. Payment is made directly to you.
  • Short-term disability (STD) — You automatically receive Basic STD coverage at no cost. If you’re ill or injured, you use Your Time for the first 5 days. STD pays you a portion of your base salary beginning on the sixth day for up to 6 months. You will automatically be provided Basic STD Coverage equal to 80% of your base salary at hire and have the opportunity to elect an additional 20% of coverage at hire or during open enrollment each year.
  • Long-term disability (LTD) — If elected, LTD coverage pays 60% of your covered compensation, up to a maximum biweekly benefit, and begins after the 6-month STD period ends. You and Nationwide share the cost of coverage. Underwriting applies if you waive coverage at the time of hire and elect it during a future open enrollment.

Pretax spending accounts

Nationwide has 3 accounts that you can contribute to with pretax dollars on a biweekly basis to help pay for out-of-pocket medical, dental and vision expenses and dependent care expenses.

Health savings account (HSA)
  • Contribute pretax dollars to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses not otherwise covered
  • Nationwide provides a company match up to $500 annually for single coverage and up to $1,000 annually for family coverage
  • Unused funds accrue interest
  • Unspent money rolls over to the next year
  • Should you leave Nationwide, you can take your HSA funds with you
  • You are not eligible for the HSA if you elect the Surest medical plan

A family medical expense flexible spending account (FSA) allows you to set aside dollars from your paycheck on a pretax basis to pay for medical, dental and vision expenses not otherwise covered or not completely covered. Up to $610 in unused balance can be rolled into the following year. If you contribute to the HSA, you can still contribute to a limited-purpose medical FSA, meaning FSA funds are limited to use for dental, vision and post-deductible medical expenses.

A dependent day care FSA allows you to contribute up to $5,000 annually to help pay for eligible day care expenses or custodial care for qualifying individuals.

Your plan for retirement

Nationwide offers a tax-qualified defined benefit pension plan that’s 100% company paid and free to you. You’re automatically enrolled in the January or July following 12 months of service, and you’re vested after 3 years of service. At retirement, you can choose from annuity options that provide you regular monthly income or, in many cases, elect to receive all or a portion of your benefit in cash.

The Nationwide Savings Plan 401(k) offers a 401(k) plan with a 50% company match on the first 8% you contribute on a pretax basis or a Roth 401(k) after-tax. You are fully vested after 60 service months. You choose how to allocate your contributions among the plan’s numerous investment funds.

Fidelity, our 401(k) and pension recordkeeper, offers a range of financial services, including monthly webinars and an online planning and guidance center.

Retiree health care coverage is available to retired Nationwide associates. They are eligible if they leave the company at age 55 or older and have a minimum of 120 service months.

Your educational and professional development

Here are some other programs providing free educational tools or financial assistance.

Nationwide Educational Assistance Program — You can receive reimbursement of up to $5,250 each year to help pay for college degrees, certifications and technical insurance courses. Eligibility begins when you are hired and scheduled to work more than 36 hours per week. You have 1 year from the completion of the course to submit for reimbursement. 

Future of Work — This program offers free continuing educational opportunities and certifications that allow you to grow where you are, learn something new and be intentional about your career.

National Merit Scholarship Program — Supported by the Nationwide Foundation, 10 scholarships are awarded annually to associates’ children who are high school juniors. The scholarship stipend is $1,000 per year for up to 4 years of college undergraduate study. 

Associates Helping Associates — This program allows our associates to support each other during times of financial hardship. Up to $3,000 in assistance is available for food, shelter and other basic needs for associates faced with a qualifying event. 

Insurance discounts — Employees can purchase auto and homeowners insurance at a special group rate and pay through the convenience of payroll deduction. 

Other discounts and perks:
  • Corporate discounts for certain cellular service providers and car rental vendors 
  • Reduced ticket prices for various entertainment and sporting events 
  • Discounts for certain hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, retailers, florists, car dealers, theme parks, national attractions, concerts and events

Voluntary benefits

You can elect additional voluntary benefits when you’re hired or during open enrollment. The contributions are conveniently paid via payroll deduction.

Critical illness coverage, designed for major illnesses such as a stroke or cancer, pays a lump-sum amount to help cover major medical costs (such as deductibles or co-insurance) or other expenses (such as house payments, utility bills, or transportation costs). 

Supplemental hospital insurance pays a fixed benefit amount for each day of inpatient confinement in a hospital. 

Legal benefits provide support and protection from unexpected personal legal issues. You have access to a national network of attorneys with exceptional experience who are matched to meet your needs. 

Travel insurance covers certain expenses if the unexpected happens and a trip is canceled, delayed or interrupted. 

My Pet Protection® from Nationwide provides your pets with the best care possible by reimbursing you for eligible vet bills, including those related to accident or illness. VetHelpline® is a service included for all members, with live veterinarians available 24/7 to answer general questions and help identify urgent care needs.

Your well-being

Associate Wellbeing & Safety manages Nationwide’s safety and physical and emotional wellbeing programs. Staff nurses can help with a wide range of needs such as providing wellness resources, ergonomic evaluations and understanding health-related workplace policies and safety plans. Emotional well-being, fitness and nutrition resources are also available online and via webcasts, and multiple locations offer an onsite fitness center.

My Health Program is a voluntary wellness program available if you’re enrolled in medical coverage. It offers tools and resources, including health assessments and coaching, to help you make healthy choices.

  • By completing the program requirements, you can receive up to $780 in rewards toward your health care costs
  • This includes a $260 company deposit to your HSA or FSA and a $20 per-pay credit to the cost of medical coverage contributions
  • A spouse/domestic partner enrolled in your medical coverage can also earn the $20 credit if they complete the program

Child/adult care and parental resources

Associate Assistance Program (AAP) is a free, 24/7 service that provides a confidential source of expert services (such as legal and financial), referrals and mental health counseling for a wide range of personal and work-related issues for you and your household members. You and your household members can receive 16 free counseling sessions per issue per year.

Maternity assistance services — A Nationwide nurse can assist you through each trimester of your pregnancy and support your post-delivery experience, along with your transition back to work. In addition, you can enroll in a separate Maternity Support Program and work with a personal obstetrics nurse who can help you manage your pregnancy, including developing exercise and nutrition plans. 

Bright Horizons® — If you have a disruption in family care arrangements, Bright Horizons Back-Up Care provides temporary center-based or in-home care for up to 20 days a year for associates to use for children, adults or even themselves

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