At Nationwide, we have a strong heritage of innovation. In the spirit of that heritage, we’re reimagining how we protect what matters most. In Innovation and Digital, we find and pursue opportunities to transform and reinvent the insurance and financial services industries, creating products, services and partnerships that meet customers’ ever-evolving needs and deliver extraordinary care. 

By working on the Innovation and Digital team at Nationwide, you’ll be part of a team that works to solve big problems and plays a key role in the next 100 years of company success.

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How we work and why you should want to join us

We’re people, solving people’s needs. We design from a human – centered approach. Each team member has the insight required to think big, start small, learn fast and exit or scale quickly on concepts that will propel our company forward. Our unique process, principles and thinking enable us to create solutions at the intersection of desirability, feasibility and viability.

In October 2019, we opened The Cooperative, a new 31,000-square-foot innovation center in the Arena District of Columbus, Ohio. This workspace and lab is a world-class investment in innovation, designed specifically for associate engagement and customer-centric work. We also have team members working remotely or in-office from many other locations.

We’re a group of diverse, multidimensional people engaged in cutting-edge innovation and digital work, supported by the strength and stability of Nationwide.

We’re a group of diverse, multidimensional people engaged in cutting-edge innovation work, supported by the strength and stability of Nationwide. Join us.

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Meet our team

Digital product management & innovation

In partnership with Nationwide Financial and Property & Casualty, we collaborate to find meaningful solutions that enhance and extend our current business line offerings and strategies

This is enabled through the creation of new products, services and experiences, including new business opportunities and capabilities, as well as digitization of existing products or services, in service to our customers and associates

Enterprise innovation

We identify and develop new opportunities intended to disrupt the insurance and financial services industry in evergreen domains like digital businesses, home, and health and finances

Within these domains, our team works to create, design and launch new products, experiences and businesses that add value for our customers, deepen customer relationships and acquire new customers

Enterprise omni-channel product management

We partner across the enterprise to improve the customer and associate experience throughout telephony, texting, assisted channels, and omnichannel capabilities

We deliver journey enablers and capabilities to further our customer journey-centric strategy through assisted (non-digital) and unassisted (self-service digital) solutions; we also manage digital product management practices

Test & learn

We partner with stakeholders to perform experiments and rapidly gather insights that enable data-driven decisions and investments

This team allows us to test low cost, low risk hypotheses before making larger investments or changes to longer term strategies

UX + human centered practices

With a deep understanding of our customers and ability to simplify complex business problems, we empower business partners to invest in end-to-end solutions that generate the most value

We work to uncover human needs and measure the desirability of our solutions and deliver learnings, design standards, consulting and actionable insights for teams across the enterprise


We work behind the scenes to support our organization's leaders and associates by tracking performance KPIs, enhancing our operating model, creating visibility into our work, and delivering on-site experiences and storytelling

We drive efforts to engage, inform and attract associates, expand and mature access to intelligence, and realize greater decision velocity and quality

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