At Nationwide, you’ll have the opportunity to help bring the On Your Side® promise to life through engaging and rewarding marketing jobs. By defining who our customers are and the best way to reach them, marketing ensures that our customers get consistent, meaningful and reliable communication.

When you choose a marketing career at Nationwide, you can leverage various vehicles to sell our products, including social media, creative materials, strategic sponsorships and interactive websites.

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Nationwide’s marketing team works hard to deliver an On Your Side® experience to our customers through a variety of roles.

Strategy and planning

The strategy and planning team is responsible for developing long-range marketing strategies for the company’s business objectives.

Customer analytics

Discovering what drives customer decisions is one of the most important roles at Nationwide. The customer analytics group measures campaign analytics, evaluates marketing information and manages behavior research.


Through internal messaging and external public relations, our communications professionals deliver consistent and brand-driven messages to an internal audience and to our customers across the country.

Brand and reputation

The brand and reputation team creates all company advertising and sponsorships. They ensure our brand is not only exceptional, but also consistent.

Creative services

Creating ads, campaigns and everything else in-between, the creative services team translates the Nationwide message through the Internet, multimedia channels and print.

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