At Nationwide we exist for our customers. In the Customer Experience office, we strive to deliver the experiences our customers desire most. Our focus is simple – to ensure we put customers at the center and enable efficient delivery of extraordinary care.

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Customer Experience Strategy

Define and orchestrate the activation of Nationwide’s long-term customer strategy and equip the organization with tools and insights to enable business and customer success. Listen and apply the voice of the customer to streamline processes and improve customer outcomes.

Customer Information Management

Manage customer and producer information that delivers a deep knowledge of our customers and producers and enables analytics that drive informed and actionable insights about their needs.

Customer Solutions and Enablement

Strengthen the emotional and behavioral loyalty of our customers, accelerating customer experiences and streamlining processes through the voice of our associates and intermediaries.

Enterprise Billing and Payments

Develop an effortless enterprise billing and payments experience through a center of excellence that offers business support, research & development, performance measurement and best practices.

Enterprise Sales Activation

Drive enterprise efforts to better meet customer protection needs through Nationwide’s breadth of solutions.

Office of Customer Relations

Serve as a single point of contact to advocate for our customer and collaborate across the enterprise to ensure the best possible resolution.

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