Energy & environment commitment

Our commitment

Reducing our environmental impact is another way Nationwide is more than a business. We’re committed to managing our resources in ways that protect and support the long-term interests of our associates, our members and the communities in which we live and work.

Measuring our impact

Nationwide has set four long-term goals for 2026 related to reducing carbon emissions, increasing landfill diversion and reducing pounds of waste and water usage per employee. See our progress toward these goals in the 2019 Environmental Responsibility Report.

Nationwide is also an active participant in industry programs such as the:

Associate engagement

Associates play an active role in achieving our objectives. The Green Team Associate Resource Group (ARG) has members from across the organization who help us execute local green initiatives, volunteer at Earth Day events, drive recycling outreach and manage community gardens.

Waste & recycling

To safeguard confidential information and increase recycling rates, Nationwide is implementing Centralized Waste for associate work areas. Nationwide also recycles and remarkets most corporate electronics by working with preferred suppliers in the IT asset disposal industry. Our Plastic Water Bottle Reduction Program also aims to reduce the amount of plastic Nationwide sends to the landfill. Our battery recycling program enabled us to divert more than 1,700 pounds of batteries from landfills.

Supplier engagement

Nationwide’s purchasing group engages suppliers to learn about their green initiatives. One goal of the program is to share best practices that Nationwide has developed in its Energy & Environment Program.


Sustainability efforts at Nationwide are led by an Executive Energy and Environment Steering Committee composed of some of our most senior leaders and an Energy and Environment Council with stakeholders from across the company.