Ethics and Governance

Honesty and integrity form the cornerstone of our company. Our values that promote diversity in leadership, ethical conduct, transparency and comprehensive sustainability all ensure that we achieve accountability.


The Office of Ethics is committed to providing guidance in making ethical decisions and investigating reports and concerns of suspected wrongdoing.

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Office of Ethics
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Nationwide’s Code of Conduct

Designed to promote solid ethical and legal conduct, Nationwide’s Code of Conduct provides guidelines for the times when the right choices aren’t clear. The code summarizes Nationwide’s policies, rules and guidelines pertaining to business behavior. It also provides a common frame of reference to help our associates and supplier partners make the right choices that are in our customers’ best interest.


We are committed to the highest standards of board professionalism and performance.

Accountability starts at the top

Our Board of Directors undertakes an annual self-assessment of the performance of the Board and its committees, facilitated by an external firm. Policies and procedures ensure independence is maintained, and the Board assesses candidates for re-election when each term ends. The roles of Chair and CEO are separate. As a mutual company, incentive structures approved by the Board reward customer satisfaction, retention, value creation and long-term financial strength.

Working together on our most vital risks

The committee structure of our Board of Directors ensures broad and deep coverage of our top risks. Our committees include Audit, Business Innovation and Technology, Finance, Governance, Human Resources, and Sponsor and Customer. Members of each committee and its Chair are recommended by the Governance committee and elected by the Board. The Board and its committees meet regularly with our CEO and executive leaders on matters including strategy, business performance, risk management and our industry’s environment.

1Indepentent representation as of April 1, 2021.