Learn about what we fund before applying for a grant

Before you apply, see if your request meets our funding guidelines.

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Nationwide Foundation grants fall into three categories:
  • General operating support
  • Project and/or program support
  • Capital support (these grants are limited and considered on a case-by-case basis)

We make our funding decisions based on a four-tier giving structure we call our Community Impact Model.

Tier 1: Emergency and basic needs

Aligned to our business, we're there to help in an emergency. We partner with organizations that provide life's necessities.

Tier 2: Crisis stabilization

Before a crisis happens or after one hits, we hold the safety net. We partner with organizations that provide resources to prevent crises or help pick up the pieces after one occurs.

Tier 3: Personal and family empowerment

We help at-risk youth and families in poverty situations who need tools and resources to advance their lives. We partner with organizations that assist individuals in becoming productive members of society.

Tier 4: Community enrichment*

We understand the well-being of a community affects all who live in it. We partner with organizations that contribute to the overall quality of life in a community.

*Tier 4 organizations, such as agriculture, arts and culture, civic and community, higher education/scholarships, and health research organizations, are by invitation only.