Together we can give every child the care they deserve

Nationwide has always been in the business of caring for people. Today is no different. We’re proud to say that our associates come together to make a real difference, and together with our partners, we’re helping to make the world a little bit better for all of us.

The need is great

For more than 60 years, Nationwide has been working with Nationwide Children’s Hospital to help ensure every child has access to quality medical care. Support includes funding from the Nationwide Foundation as well as a continuous presence on the hospital’s board of directors. Why? Because Nationwide Children’s Hospital helps kids everywhere, with more than one million patient visits each year. And thousands of Nationwide associates rely on Nationwide Children’s Hospital every day to provide life-saving care for their children and grandchildren.

Our giving history

In 2006, the Nationwide Foundation pledged the largest gift in its history, granting $50 million to Nationwide Children’s Hospital. This grant funded:

  • Capital expansion of the hospital facility
  • Program support for child safety and injury prevention, neonatal intensive care and the heart center
  • Five endowed chairs to help recruit world-class physicians and scientists

In 2014, the Nationwide Foundation established the Nationwide Foundation Pediatric Innovation Fund with a $10 million grant to the hospital to accelerate the most promising clinical and research discoveries; build upon our previous investment in injury research, heart and neonatology; and initiate our support in genomics and behavioral health. Each year since 2015, contributions of $10 million were made to support the fund bringing the total investment to $130 million.

Along with our foundation gift, our sports sponsorships help raise additional funds and generate national awareness for the hospital. Each year, these sponsorships help generate funds for the hospital, which in 2020 totaled $6.3 million